Production Name


Production Company

Cliffs of Freedom (currently filming) Greek Rebel Aegean Ent.
Woman Walks Ahead (2017) Cavalry Lieutenant The Bedford Falls Company
Hot Bath an’ A Stiff Drink (2016)
Deputy McNabb Once Upon a Dream Productions
The Debacle (2013)


Eli, Armor, FX Four 80 Films
Hangover III (2013)
Cowboy Warner Brothers
The Gundown  (2011)
Ike Edwards Silver Bullet Productions
Copper Wind (2015)


Deputy Doc Sterling Six Gun Entertainment
You’re Going to Miss Me Art Department & Extra Once Upon a Dream Productions
Vermijo 2nd Assistant Director Paul Vernon Productions
Draw the Line Lance Independent
McBride Sheriff Rupert Independent
To Kill A Memory Prisoner Elden Second Team
Shot to Power Outlaw Killer Independent
Bringing Down the Sun Televangelist Independent
Requited Armory Butcher, Props Independent
Bisbee Bar & Grill Cowboy Bob Independent