David Hight is a professional actor with over 10 years experience. He started out in dinner theater and worked four seasons doing hundreds of performances.  He has been over 25 movies starring in five of them and over 50 TV spots on Fox Television, the Travel Channel, NBC, the History Channel, the Outdoor Channel, AMC, Netflix, and CBS.

Presently, you can see him on Netflix on Ambush at Dark Canyon where he has a speaking role. He is presently working on projects in Santa Fe, New Mexico to include a TV commercial for the Drury Hotel, and two major film productions – Woman Walking Ahead and Cliffs of Freedom.

In October 2016, the  release of Hot Bath & Stiff Drink & A Close Shave  will premiere in Los Angeles.  He also has seven more movies coming out in the next two years and two TV spots.

David has three boys and one grandchild.  He is an honorably discharged US Navy Veteran.  He enjoys sports and motorcycle riding. He is an avid shooter and actor.

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David Hight when he was in a commercial for Drury Hotel